High-Power Applications for SiC

Compared to conventional Si-devices SiC-based electronics offers:

  • faster switching speed
  • higher voltages
  • lower parasitic resistances
  • smaller size
  • less cooling required due to high-temperature capability

This results from SiC´s properties, namely:

  • large bandgap
  • high electrical breakdown field
  • high saturation drift velocity
  • high thermal conductivity

Power electronics based on SiC may save billions of Euros due to an increase of efficiency of the electric power distribution system. According to estimations power plants generate an excess power reserve of around 20 % of consumed electricity to make sure that load changes or component failures do not affect service. Use of power devices makes a smart management of ressources possible and would drive down the generated power reserve to a minimum. Forecasts say that a reduction of power reserve of 5 % may result in savings of 50 billion US$ in the US alone over 25 years.